Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Janet Jackson Fat?

There is something going on about celebrities and lose of control over their keeping slim figure. Just under a month ago Oprah announced she has lost control of her fitness as she has now become fat. Now the news is bandying it about that Jane Jackson, the virtuoso singer, actress and model is fat!

So, what is the big deal about Janet Jackson and other celebrities becoming fat? Are they not like other ordinary people who gain weight now and then?

The reason for buzzes about Janet or Oprah´s fatness is that Janet´s figure has always been a model of "Steel Stomach" dating back to 1990 during her "All For You" world tour. Secretly every woman has been wishing they could maintain their stomach Janet Jackson way.

This could be big rumor, but even if it is true, Janet Jackson will always be a beauty and a hard-working, talented singer, model, actress. Janet Jackson was born in 1966 in Gary, Ind. naturally she appeared with the Jackson 5 and starred in Different Stroke and Fame as a child star.

Her musical talent came into limelight only after her third album, Control, which sold five million. She followed suit with Rhythm Nation 1814, Velvet Rope and All For You. The latter sold 600,000 in the first week alone. Janet Jackson is now a staple in the American music scene.

She has always maintained her figure as evident in Good Morning America Performance at BryantPark New York when the audience gazed at her lite figure and flat tummy, apart from a graceful voice and dance. Her figure has graced the US magazine several times, for example her picture in the US Magazine of June 2006 made the issue become the highest selling issue ever. She appeared on the same magazine the following month, baring herself about what made her maintain her figure all these years.

Her film carrere continued in 2007 with Tyler Perry´s film, Why Did I Get Married - at the age of 41, that is apart from her regular hits. So what about it if she has gained weight? It still stands true that she is a woman to be recognised in music, health and fashion industry. She has contributed her quota in these arenas, and is still forging ahead. This is ode to a hard working Janet Jackson.